Malaysian International Ballet Grand Prix

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Malaysian International Ballet Grand Prix

Malaysian International Ballet Grand Prix Organising team has a vision and mission for the future of the Ballet dance scene in Malaysia.

Witnessing the growth of ballet and the performing arts scene in Malaysia from years to years, the potential of teachers and young students in our country has been raised tremendously.

We took a daring plunge to work with the HELP College of Art and Technology to bring to you The Malaysian International Ballet Grand Prix. For the first time in 2016, a very big thank you to DR Choong Yeow Wei and his ever efficient yet helpful right hand man Mr Daniel Khor ,who share mutual passion and enthusiasm in sight with us.

The mission and visions of this event is…
1.To provide opportunities for all dance enthusiast globally.
2.To boost the Malaysian dancing to reach world class.
3.To built integrity and friendship with every dance enthusiast.
4.To share the knowledge of ballet

The right spirit of competition in us is important to lead a healthy dance life.

We hope all who support us in one way or another in this event to cherish the value of friendship & to obtain valuable knowledge through this experience.





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