VICUS – Security and Communication Application

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VICUS – Security and Communication Application

VICUS is a one-stop platform for residents to streamline communication with the property management and to effectively receive essential information and updates performed on a property.

Emergency Button
​Safety measures are the utmost priority for any real-estate property. The Emergency Button is designed to reduce the management’s response time whilst maintaining a healthy and safe environment for both the residents and management. In the event of an emergency, immediate medical and security response is just a touch away.

Complaint Module
VICUS provides a direct communication platform for all residents with the building management. Residents can direct all minor and major complaints via VICUS to the management at anytime. For example, if a lift is not functioning as it should be a resident could direct the issue to the building management via VICUS and receive a respond and update on the issue. This two-way communication provides an efficient remedy for all issues within the community.

Facilities Booking
Provides easy access for residents and an efficient platform for the management of facilities and events.

Billing Information
Keeps residence updated of outstanding balances if any and provides a safe and easy method of settling outstanding balances if any.


  • Single platform for all security, management and facilities issues.
  • Loved ones need not worry about emergency assistance with the Emergency Button feature.
  • Having the convenience of checking for availability and booking of all facilities and event venues.
  • Saving the hassle of their visitors going through a lengthy registration process at the guard house.


  • Ability to optimize/redistribute manpower resources.
  • Single point of distribution for all resident’s related updates, notices and invites.
  • Capability of visitors management to tighten security within the community.
  • Competency of amassing resident’s opinion before making decisions with regards to the enhancement within the community.





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