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Midori Supply

Case Study - Midori Supply

Midori Supply

The Client

Midori Supply is a respected and well-known Malaysian-based company, which was established in 2005. Ever since then, Midori Marketing has gained substantial market shares and has maintained an excellent reputation in the field.

Midori Supply is comprised of a group of professional staff that is specialized in cleaning chemicals, tissue paper and cleaning products in order to provide our customers the best service ever. #hygiene solution

The Challenge

We were approached by one of the top hygiene solution suppliers in Malaysia, Midori Supply, to create a product listing website for more than 1000 SKUs. The main challenge is the UX issue from client's previous website - confusing product category, layered navigation is too deep, Eg. tissue > pure pulp / recycle > product > variant. Furthermore, the website will need to handle more than 1000 product SKUs. 

The second challenge is when Midori’s customer needs to restock their product by calling, Midori management needs to serve the customer in a manual way, and they have to find out the receipt, and what tissue they using, then arrange to restock.

The Solution

Our solution is to help Midori Supply with the development of a customised WordPress website. We restructured and simplified the product categories, added product tags, and redesigned all product images. All product variants had been reorganized. We custom-made the WordPress eCommerce plugin to include a stock replenishment mechanism that allows users to select a quantity and then to an enquiry rather than add to the cart like an eCommerce website.

When a new user browses the product listing, it is for the purpose of enquiry. Existing customers utilise the inquiry function for stock replenishment. As a result, Midori Supply will be able to efficiently manage client stock replenishment. Having a dedicated product website enables clients to browse their current products and submit enquiries without having to call and manually document the request. Webby assisted this client in modernising their customer stock replenishment methods while remaining within their budget.