PA Food

Case Study - PA Food

PA Food

The Client

Mr Ding Hong Sing founded P.A. Food in 1985, which specialises in Asian flatbread, steamed buns, Asian pastry snacks, sauces, and food pastes. He expanded P.A. Food's menu to include Asian pastries, sauces, and a range of other Malaysian specialities.

The Challenge

With technological advancements in digital marketing, the client’s website had technical challenges on compatibility issues with a newer web browser and was visually outdated. Furthermore, the website is running on older frameworks leading to slow performance and is not mobile-friendly.

The Solution

Webby had come out with a solution to revamp its website by upgrading the framework and updating the information architecture. Making the new website responsive and accessible on all device screen resolutions and improving its site loading performance. With an updated framework, the website has more room to add more functionalities and optimization in future. Making their existing website to compliant with industry standards, secure, fast, and efficient. Since then, the client's new website had gained more valuable traffic and retain competence in the market.

Case Details