CTO As A Service

CTO As A Service


CTO As A Service

Grow technological leadership and identify the risks and competitive advantages of new technologies

We have shaped a new approach to help technology-driven companies of all sizes face the challenges related to business processes. We help you in a journey from smart technology vision to a high-quality software product, but you get more than that. Going beyond providing just a virtual CTO, we accumulate our company deep expertise to bring an external view of your business. Our goal is to ensure that your vision aligns with your business goals, and all technology systems are well-managed and working properly.

CTO as a Service
CTO as a Service

Rich Expertise with CTO Consulting

Leveraging on existing resources

We analyze existing technology, used by the company, and identify its issues, areas of improvement, and potential risks. Our experts define the business goals of the company and identify if existing innovations push the company forward to these objectives. We analyze the current tech stack and offer expert advice on how the business can leverage the existing resources and what other skills should be brought to the team.

Detecting and managing risks

We analyze the market, company competitors, and clients. We provide CTO on-demand services to identify possibilities that are presented by the industry, additional niches where a company could potentially expand, and look for innovative ideas that could disrupt the field. After we’ve identified the opportunities for further development, we critically assess each of these. From our experience and research of the company, market, and competitors, we estimate risks, additional costs, and limitations.

Introducing cost-efficient CTO expertise

Our team provides multiple perspectives on your business’ growth and development, contributing multiple tech stacks and expertise. You get the expertise of the entire team instead of relying on one person. Working with a team gives way out: companies get access to versatile skills, suitable for particular projects, planned-out workload, and estimated risks. With CTO-as-a-Service, you know that the expert team is motivated to complete the project successfully in the shortest timing.

Prioritizing core business tasks

For many companies that undergo digital transformation, the software isn’t their main product or service. With CTO-as-a-Service, you can explore innovations and select optimal tech stack to optimize inner processes, but you don’t have to pause crucial business processes. Instead of investing in in-house technology development, you can focus on the main projects, look for investment opportunities, explore new markets, and connect to your audience.


What We Offer

Strategic Management of Digital Transformation

We help to choose the right ROIs and objectives for your digital transformation. All innovation-related goals are directly connected to your business priorities. We consider existing business logic and processes and build a new strategy adjusted to technology trends and customer needs.

Resource Estimation and Management

By partnering with our CTO experts, you get internationally-recognized development expertise, built on many years of software innovation. Our team creates a precise budget and time estimate for each business goal and planned innovation. At the start of cooperation, you know how your resources will be distributed throughout the project.

Planned Product Development Cycle

A dedicated team will share expertise on software ideation, design, development, testing, and maintenance. Our experts oversee all stages of the product development cycle. You can control each step of the process or pass the full management responsibility to our virtual CTO. Either way, you can track the progress of the product with a detailed roadmap, clear documentation, and visualized reports.

Tactical Project Management

When the core actions are outlined, we move to the tactics of product delivery. Our experts will take care of product deployment, distribution and management. We will be involved in communication with end clients and help present the innovation in a clear, attractive way.

Growth, Scaling, and Innovation

Our team is ready to step in for maintenance, release new updates, work on tech debt removal, and integrate new functionality into the product anytime. If a company wants to grow the innovation, the team will identify new directions for product development and execute these improvements.


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Why Choose Webby
Why Choose Webby

Why Choose Webby?

We’ve streamlined our cooperation models to offer fully personalized, cost-efficient processes that fit your budget and needs.

You can also take advantage of our high-quality business consulting during all stages of your engineering project.

Our strength in providing dedicated development teams lies in our focus on your specific business goals and project scope.

We rely on building long-term business relationships. That’s why we have a high client retention rate.

Each of our dedicated development teams focuses on providing business-changing solutions built on industry-leading design thinking expertise.