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General Approach

We need to know what you want from us before we can begin working on your project. After you get in touch with us, we have an initial conversation to get a better understanding of your needs and to effectively estimate the scope and price of the project and determines any major challenges.

Many of our clients come from a variety of industries including ecommerce, food & beverage, financial services, and automotive. We also deal with large corporations and public sector organisations.

Yes, A nondisclosure agreement (NDA) is signed between Webby and the customer that includes this clause. Webby's contract with its employees includes the same clause. In addition, we conduct thorough audits of our procedures and regularly update our staff. These measures help us to protect the intellectual property of our clients at all times.

At no point during the project development do we own the project. You will be the project's sole owner. We are only here to assist you in bringing your project to fruition.

Yes, we are willing to do so; however, it may take a little longer since we will need to have our support staff review it before confirming it.

Technical Knowledge

When it comes to creating software applications, it is a vast and complex undertaking. As a result, we really wouldn't hold high expectations for your technical expertise. With our team of experts, you'll be able to make appropriate decisions about all the technical elements of your project. We'll take care of the technical details while you focus on the business.

If you're a new customer, you're more likely to want us to start from scratch and begin by gathering information about your needs. The remainder of the software development process, including design and architecture, follows. While it's fantastic if you already have a design in mind in the form of a sketch or wireframe, we may discuss ways to plan your product by going over them together.

Quality is a high concern for us, and we frequently test our work to ensure that it meets our customers' needs and the needs of our targeted consumers. We place a high value on the highest possible standard of quality.

Our software developers are well-versed in a wide range of technologies, so we are capable to continue the work started by another team of developer.

Yes, we can. Each of our services can be handled differently if desired. Our design team can efficiently work with companies with in-house development teams to help them with the design work for their product requirements.

Our app development approach would include this. If you have any questions about how to set up your store, we're here to help.

There is no room for compromise when it comes to planning an IT development. We use proof of concept method to see whether the concept is viable from a technical and financial standpoint, and we can get a sense of how the product should be built.

If you are working with us on a highly technical project, we suggest that you opt for a monthly support retainer to cover minor ad-hoc adjustments, improvements, updates, and support.

Our team mostly work with Ruby on Rails and ReactJS for web applications. For mobile app, we’re using React Native. However, we’re constantly expanding our skillsets.

Cost & Timeline

A member of the management will respond to your inquiry within one business day if you send query by our website's contact form, email, or phone call.

As part of the project estimating process, we require our customers to offer as much detail on your project requirement as possible. Such as objectives of the project, product requirements (functional & non-functional), user requirement, financial statement and any material that aids in the description of the project is appreciated.

The cost of software development varies depending on the scale, needs, and complexity of the task. We will evaluate the budget of the project following an in-depth conversation with you to truly understand your requirements and scope of work. Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance, and UI/UX Design all contribute to the total cost of software development.

The degree of difficulty, structure, and scope of the project are all factors to be considered while developing the product. The typical complex app or website is built in 4-6 months. We follow a turning point approach and have years of experience in providing accurate estimates and completing projects on schedule.


A minimum viable product is a simpler version of your product which is built with all the core functionalities and features. An MVP is developed and launched as the first phase of development that helps to test out your product in the market, determines the potential of your ideas, and helps attract investors and partners early on. This significantly reduces your risks and chances of failure and helps develop a final product that meets the market expectations and provides maximum value to the customers.

“Content Management System.” The program that you use to create and maintain your website’s content. These are usually designed for non-developers for ease-of-use.

“Customer Relationship Management.” In website development this refers to the software and applications used to gather, analyze, and maintain information on customers, donors, and prospects.

Websites that accommodate the screen on which they’re being viewed. This became a huge trend in website design when browsing on mobile and tablet devices became more popular, which has led many developers to opt for a “mobile-first” approach — optimizing a website design for phone and tablet use first and then making sure it looks good on a laptop/desktop.

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