Development Process

Development Process

Our Development process start from Requirement Gathering & Planning, Design & Prototyping, Agile Development, MVP Launch, Maintenance and Growth.

Our Development Process

A few years ago, we were started as a local software agency in Malaysia provided web development service and mobile app development service to our clients in different cities.
We knew how our clients have struggled to find the right team to develop their ideas, and we definitely know how painful is it.
Thus, we want to bring our passion and technical expertise to partner on your journey, turning your ideas into reality.

Requirement Gathering & Planning

Study and analyse the business requirement documentation, project scheduling, cost estimation and scope of work (SOW).

Design & Prototyping

UI/UX Design is a process of analytic, figure the problem, provide visual solution, test and get user feedback, enhance the UI. Before we proceed the development, we need to brainstorm and do our research, then come up with the flowchart, wireframe, prototype and UI Design.

Agile Development

Stick to the SOW, avoid scope creep, and build clean, efficient software. This gives us the speed to develop the mobile app towards your business goal and tackle the unexpected business challenges along the way. The key process in this phase is to design the database structure, code, collect feedback and make amendments.

MVP Launch

Your product has flourished from a budding idea and is now launching into the hands of the outside world.


Keep iterating on your product! You can count on us to stay on for maintenance and swatting away pesky bugs. We support bug fixing, technical support and knowledge transfer.


Your app should be alive, not merely existing. We work with you closely to take it further and develop a full-scale product. We incorporate the feedback received from early adopters and scale your product over multiple iterations. We deliver continuous progress throughout the project, based on validated learning.

What's Including for me

Webbt Developer

For Dev

Source code always belong to you
Compatible across all browser
Dashboard, Admin Panel access
Warranty and tech support after launching
Webby UI/UX


Design source file ownership
Design system for further development
Editable UI component