Case Study - Farmtech



Embracing the realm of Agricultural Technology, FarmTech, as Malaysia's inaugural Durian Tech solution, empowers you to cultivate with greater intelligence each day. With its Agriculture-tech offered as a SaaS Cloud-based solution, FarmTech aids farmers and agricultural enterprises in farming more intelligently, elevating profitability, and facilitating the transition to modern farming practices.

The Solution

In our pursuit of assisting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the agricultural sector to thrive and advance within the realm of IR Agricultural Tech 4.0, we have crafted a comprehensive strategy that revolves around the pivotal integration of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. This holistic approach, which incorporates an advanced IoT system for soil condition tracking, is designed to revolutionize the way SMEs engage in agriculture and elevate their crop management practices.


FarmTech has ingeniously translated its stories into a comprehensive branding strategy, encompassing logo design, brand identity, business cards, flyers, and posters. The genesis of the FarmTech brand was inspired by the fusion of farming and technology, resulting in a cohesive branding framework. FarmTech's primary mission is to usher in a contemporary era of crop management ERP solutions with a strong commitment to delivering a simplified and clean brand direction. At FarmTech, our objective is to connect with farmers, introducing them to our ERP system and facilitating their journey towards smarter agricultural practices. Additionally, FarmTech recently became a participant in the Malaysia International Agriculture Technology Exhibition 2023 (AGRI) with our own team members to present and showcase our latest technologies to the Agriculture Industry.