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Mieux Design

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Mieux Design

The Client

"Mieux Design was founded on a single principle which is to provide the best solution and ideas for interior design. In French, Mieux means Best and this is the mark we strive for in all of our design. We create comfortable, stylish and classic environments with particular emphasis on attention to detail and simplicity of line and form. Our design philosophy is about balance and harmony with the environment. We have worked on challenges of all scales and ambitions, from homely modernization to contemporary creations, particularly in Malaysia. We consider all challenges a chance to dissect the requirements of the project and distil our unique brand of design into a rich result."

The Challenge

Mieux contacted us to ask for our assistance in redesigning their company's website. They needed a website that would provide them with a better presentation and highlight their interior design. 

The Solution

We have researched and developed an aesthetic understanding of building materials from the interior design point of view. We design the website with a balance between branding key visuals and web UI/UX. The design concept is combining a gold accent and minimal text with a line. In the final result, a balance is achieved between aesthetically pleasant UI and interior presentation.



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