Case Study - Huaxin




The Client

Huaxin is a leading durian farm specializing in the cultivation, harvesting, and distribution of premium-quality durians. Their company is dedicated to providing the world with the finest and most sought-after durian fruits.

The Challenge

Due to technological advancements in the Agritech industry, our client is experiencing challenges in productivity and efficiency. They are falling behind their more technologically advanced market competitors. To overcome these hurdles, the client wants to implement a digital transformation for their durian plantations. This transformation aims to address a range of challenges, including enhancing data management, optimizing labor efficiency, improving resource utilization, and gaining valuable market intelligence.

The Solution

Webby had come out with a solution to build an all-in-one Agritech ERP solution with the feature of efficient handling of collection orders, quality inspections, status tracking, quantity checking, and delivery monitoring, resulting in improved productivity and operational efficiency. Real-time updates and cross-functional insights derived from sales, inventory, and durian price. Moreover, the utilization of historical data and relevant parameters to forecast durian tree production yield, fruiting rate, profits, and expenses empowers the farm with predictive capabilities. 

Additionally, the system's ability to store and manage all agricultural material suppliers for the durian farm streamlines procurement processes, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply chain. The integration of these technologies sets a new standard for modern and efficient durian farming, positioning our client for long-term growth and sustainability.

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