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Caltex Go

The Client

A cornerstone of the Malaysian petrol and lubricant industry, Caltex has existed in Malaysia for over 80 years since its conception in 1936. With about 420 Caltex stations across Malaysia today, Caltex continues to provide their best following their logo: the Caltex Star, a pinnacle of excellence, continued discovery, and an unmatched legacy.

The Challenge

The current app lacked a well-thought-out user interface and user experience, as well as a distinct brand identity. Our customer has requested that we provide two detailed and full user interface concepts for the CaltexGO App.

The Solution

Before we began designing the app's user interface, we conducted research on competitor apps and came up with a plausible notion for app features that aligned with the business requirement. Additionally, we conduct a user survey to differentiate between usability thinking (creating with the user in mind) and popular opinion, which favours features, corporations, or the product itself. This procedure is used to gather feedback and develop a workable proposal.

Following that, we propose a sitemap, user journey, storyboard, and wireframe to help us better understand and accomplish our usability goal. In total, Webby created the app’s UI/UX, visual branding, wireframing and prototype, with functionalities such as in-app petrol purchase, wallet, rewards and points systems and a pleasant onboarding screen hosting various micro-animations that give life to the app.

We had addressed a variety of user onboarding scenarios in the wireframe and concept UI, including new user onboarding, return user onboarding, and the most difficult component, user retention. We proposed voucher redemption, spin and win for daily check-ins, and a friend referral benefit, among other things.

Case Details

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