Case Study - Caricarz












The Client

Caricarz was founded in 2019 by a group of automotive enthusiasts with vast expertise in building an online automotive marketplace where car shoppers can consider their options from any angle. Our extensive network of Certified Dealers shares our belief that honesty, transparency, and fairness are the cornerstones of a positive car shopping experience.

The Challenge

“ Caricarz,  a vehicle trading platform which builds around the foundation of truth, transparency, and fairness ”

Caricarz approached us with the idea to develop an online car trading website allowing anyone to trade their car simply and conveniently from any part of Malaysia. Caricarz will be the bridge to link millions of buyers and sellers locally through outstanding user experience on the site. More importantly empower their customers and car dealer on transparency and fairness, giving them greater confidence when it comes to trading cars

The Solution

During the first stage of development, Webby's design and development team worked together to build the foundation of the Caricarz e-commerce website. Features included the buyer and dealer dashboards. The result was a seamless user interface and advanced features made simple for all users alike. 

After Caricarz was publicly released, we put our utmost sincerity and effort to enhance and improve the site based on feedback obtained from the users.  We started to plan and initiate stage two of the development and improvement phase - for new advancements and ideas to bloom on the site. Our team provided long-term tech support to Caricarz and helped maintain the website, making changes based on the current trends in design, user experience, technology and Caricarz’s business development. With all this in mind, Webby ensures the website is Functional, Feasible, and Flawless. 


  • Vehicle Trading - Vehicles Trading (Buying & Selling) Platform with a wide range selection on New, Used & Recon Cars or other Vehicles.
  • Search Hero - A clever suggestion tool to assist with pairing suitable car models with customer needs. 
  • New Car Info - Surveys all the latest car market updates and features the information in one convenient spot.
  • Car Valuation Tools - Keeps residents updated on outstanding balances if available: and provides a safe and easy method for settling the balance through the app. 
  • Trade In Request - Request to trade in your car with more accurate valuation from a trusted Caricarz platform dealer.
  • Premier selection - Car selection that has been thoroughly inspected with 100 points check. premier selection car are free from major flaws like flood, fire or accidents to give you the utmost confidence on the condition and safety.