Dooran Dooran

Dooran Dooran

Case Study - Dooran Dooran

Dooran Dooran


The Client

Kickstarted in June 2021, DooranDooran is a platform centred around the Durian - South East Asia’s King of Fruits. With a local farm carefully cultivated for 30 years by the company’s owner, DooranDooran ensures the freshest and most succulent Durians are delivered right to your doorstep throughout the Klang Valley. Aesthetic round paper boxes and jute twine give DooranDooran products a rustic, down-to-earth look.

Although DooranDooran’s main focus revolves around durians- durian seasons only last 90 days at most. As such, DooranDooran has steadily expanded its menu of pastries to cater to all tastes no matter the season. 



The Challenge

“Mobile websites are versatile and compatible with many types of devices, which improves customer ordering experience and service speed. ”

Today, customers have started reaching out online to purchase products on their schedule - without needing a trip to the physical store. This rising trend is partly because of convenience - as well as pandemic regulations. As such, DooranDooran aims to expand its audience to the demographic that has an increasing online presence. 

Thus, our client approached us with the idea to revamp and upgrade their selling platform - and integrate order and delivery capabilities. For this software, Webby developed a web app able to complete the product ordering process online seamlessly. Just pick the item, order, and pay on the spot. 

The Solution

With the help of DooranDooran’s in-house designer, our Webby design team worked on the provided UI references and designs to create a new mobile web ordering system to enhance user ordering and delivery experience. Besides this, social media posts and illustrations were planned and brought to life by collaboration and cooperation between Webby’s talented illustrators and DooranDooran’s ideas. 

Furthermore,  we have an idea that we can leverage WhatsApp stickers to their advantage. DooranDooran business is all about selling durian-based products which are hard to market thanks to how overflooded the market is. By creating a sticker set with the DooranDooran branding mascot, we can establish a connection with our audience via Whatsapp stickers, which may be an excellent marketing channel for engagement and communication. 

Our animated Whatsapp sticker design sticker aims to promote strong customer engagement and to market DooranDooran's new release products. Not only that our DooranDooran sticker pack contains the depiction of several primary emotions and actions that defined our local daily lifestyle. It's an excellent platform for reminding audiences about their brand. It's all about long-term brand development, and designing WhatsApp stickers, it contributes to the recall value that we want for the DooranDooran business.