Case Study - OrderLIVE


The Client

OrderLive is a state-of-the-art Live Streaming business solution that helps provide efficiency and versatility to both the live streamer and customers. 

Convenient and user-friendly, OrderLive strives to be a pioneer in simplifying online sales and streaming management through automation by improving data entry and customer purchase administration.  

For OrderLive, Webby has implemented cloud service to the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) function, making it a SAAS (Software As A Service) application. This function helps with identifying and categorising the purchasing habits of different customers ordering products from the live. 

The Challenge

With innovation as its driving force, OrderLive aims to be the management solution to an increasingly online community of salespeople who rely on promoting their wares through the internet. Promotions are often in live stream format on popular social sites such as Facebook. However, there have been difficulties counting orders, especially filtering them from overwhelming spam messages, bots, and a sheer amount of orders. 

The Solution

For OrderLive, Webby worked on the project design and code to ensure better management and automatic mining for orders by filtering through all the comments and neatly organising them into legitimate purchases and spam. 

Implemented Functionalities

OrderLive - Built-in Order Management System & Order Process Simplification

OrderLive’s main strength lies in its order management automation system. Orders can be scanned from the live stream comments and neatly organised for the seller to sift through and manage. Platforms supported so far consist of FB Live, FB Posts and WhatsApp link orders. Currently in development are improvements to the logistics functions, delivery options and introducing order fulfilment directly through the application.

For ease of use, OrderLive has been implemented with features to auto-calculate the total of the products purchased by the customer, including seamless checkout functions through local payment gateways.

OrderLive - Live Broadcast Flow & WhatsApp Commerce 

Before the live broadcast, the seller can set several product codes for the OrderLive chatbot to pick up user messages. Each product code can be keyed in individually and will be tracked while the live runs. Billings are automated as well: with just one click, sellers will be able to send out receipts with comment summaries, products, and total purchase prices to the buyers. 

With Orderlive, WhatsApp can also be used for receiving payment on the go through OrderLive’s WhatsApp Commerce links. Payment then can be received through online transfers or COD, and an invoice and tracking code will be sent directly to customers automatically. 

OrderLive - Live Mode

When going live, it’s inconvenient to continuously switch applications and screens to keep track of orders or to calculate winners of giveaways - all the while keeping the audience interested in the stream. 

Hence OrderLive has been fitted with a set of features tailored to collecting orders through keywords and tags - as well as calculating giveaway winners from an auto-filled lucky draw pool. This allows for seamless work all in one application while conducting the live stream at the same time.